Name the Giraffe

Name the Giraffe

Have you been watching Giraffe Cam?  If so, you already know that Autumn and Walter are expecting!  We need your help to name the baby giraffe!  Click here to submit your favorite name!

Make a donation (suggested $10) and submit your names.  Within two days of the birth, the zookeepers will select a favorite from the submitted names and an announcement will be made to the public.

Funds raised from the “Name the Giraffe” contest will support the Greenville Zoo’s giraffe family and global giraffe conservation efforts (20%).

If you have questions, please contact Amanda Osborne at 864.627.4200.  If you wish to submit a name without making an online contribution, you can mail your name choices to

Name the Giraffe

150 Cleveland Park Drive

Greenville, SC 29601

All entries must be received by the birth of the giraffe calf to be considered.

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