Call of the Wild

The Master Plan

In 2010—alongside its 50-year anniversary—the Greenville Zoo kicked off of the development of a 20-year master plan in partnership with the Foundation (then Friends of the Greenville Zoo). This master plan was adopted by the City of Greenville in 2013, the first major step in securing the long-term future of the Greenville Zoo.
The Greenville Zoo Master Plan is based on clear objectives for exhibits, education, collections, research, conservation and fiscal responsibility. It includes:

Animal Health Care

AZA Accreditation


Education & Interpretation

Facilities & Infrastructure

Financial Responsibility

Living Collections

Visitor Services & Amenities

Phase I:
$15.02 million

  • Entry Complex
  • Tiger & Asia Exhibits
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Expansion of Lion Holding
  • Primate Exhibit Renovations
  • Commissary

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Phase II:

  • Children’s Activity Zone & Birthday Pavilion
  • Tropical Rainforest Building
  • Education Building & Picnic Area

Phase III:

  • Events Lawn
  • Africa Expansion Exhibits
  • Veterinary Clinic Relocation & Renovation
  • Restaurant & Events Center

Phase IV:

  • The Blue Ridge Backyard
  • Animal Contact Area
  • Reptile & Nocturnal Building Renovations
  • Operations & Maintenance Renovation & Improvements